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 The premier company for plumbing on the Isle of Wight!   Clogged drains, leaky pipes, running toilets. These are the all- too-frequent plumbing problems every homeowner faces. They seem too minor to go to the expense and inconvenience of paying and waiting for a plumber, yet if you don’t…the costs could be huge!  Remember the saying “A stitch in time saves nine”, well it couldn’t be more true when it comes to plumbing problems.  That’s where Isle of Wight Plumbing comes in.. No job is too small (or too big!). And we have a 24 hour Hotline, for those emergencies that just can’t wait!

We also recognise that some Isle of Wight plumbing jobs may not actually require a plumber.  Sometimes, with a bit of help and advice, you may be able to sort out the problem yourself.  So, take a look around our website, where you will find lots of helpful tips and instructions to help you to undertake those minor plumbing problems without having to call Isle of Wight Plumbers.


Clearing a Blocked Sink

sink plungerIf you have a blocked sink, Isle of Wight Plumbing suggest that you  try using a plunger or liquid drain cleaner to clear a sink blockage. If those approaches fail, you have two other options: You can disassemble the P-trap under the sink, or you can clear the clog with an auger. With modern PVC plumbing, disassembling the P-trap is often the easiest and most effective option.

One connector secures the trap to the pipe going into the wall. Another connector fastens the drain tube from the sink. Simply unscrew the connectors by hand, clear the blockage, and reassemble

Using a drain Auger

Remove the pop up lever. If you are working on a bathroom sink with a rod that operates the stopper, you’ll need to go under the sink to remove the pop-up lever. Unscrew the cap, pull out the lever, and then go topside to remove the stopper.

Insert the boring head of the auger into the drain until you hit the clog. Slide the handle to a point near the sink and tighten the setscrew. Rotate the auger to clear the clog.

Clearing a blocked toilet

blocked toiletYou have a number of options to clear a clogged toilet: using a plunger, using a toilet auger or using a chemical unblocker.

Use the right plungerIf you are lucky, one good plunge will clear that clogged toilet. The secret to success is to use a plunger with a flange on the bottom . The flange makes a much better seal on a toilet.

Use a toilet Auger  These augers are designed to navigate the serpentine trap built into toilets. Pull the cable up through the plastic sleeve, and insert the sleeve into the toilet. Then turn the handle to rotate the cable as you work it through the waterway. When you hit the obstruction, keep rotating to break it up.

Use a chemical unblocker.

There are a number of chemical unblockers available from DIY stores or isle of wight plumbers merchants.  You just pour them down the toilet and wait a while, then flush.  You could also try Caustic Soda, which is very effective or just boiling water can sometimes do the trick.  Always wear protective clothing and read the read the instructions carefully.



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