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Isle of Wight Plumbing Guide to your isle of wight plumbing bathtubBathtub or shower draining poorly.

First, make sure it’s only the tub or shower. If your sink is plugged, too, it may be a coincidence or it may be that a common branch line is plugged. A sure sign of this is when water drains from the sink into the tub. This could require the help of Isle of Wight Plumbing, or it may be a drum trap that services both the sink and

tub needs cleaning. If the toilet also can’t flush (or worse, water comes into the tub when you flush the toilet), then the common drain to all your bathroom fixtures is plugged. Call Isle of Wight Plumbing immediately! If you suspect the problem is only with your tub or shower, then read on.
We’ll show you how to clear drainlines and clean and adjust two types of tub stopper mechanisms. Adjusting the mechanism can also help with the opposite problem: a tub that drains when you’re trying to take a bath.

Fixing a plunger type drain.

A plunger-type tub drain has a simple grate over the drain opening and a behind-the-scenes plunger stopper. Remove the screws on the overflow coverplate with a slotted or Phillips head screwdriver. Pull the coverplate, linkage, and plunger from the overflow opening.  Clean hair and soap off the plunger with a scrub brush. Mineral buildup is best tackled with white vinegar and a toothbrush or a small wire brush.   Adjust the plunger. If your tub isn’t holding
water with the plunger down, it’s possible the plunger is hanging too high to fully block water from the tub shoe. Loosen the locknut with
needlenose pliers then screw the rod down about 1⁄8″. Tighten the locknut down. If your tub drains poorly, the plunger may be set too low. Loosen the locknut and screw the rod in an 1⁄8″ before retightening the locknut .


Fixing a pop up drain.

Raise the trip lever to the open position. Pull the stopper and rocker arm assembly from the drain. Clean off soap and hair with a dishwashing brush in a basin of hot water. Clean off mineral
deposits with a toothbrush or small wire brush and white vinegar.
   Remove the screws from the cover plate. Pull the trip lever and the linkage from the overflow opening. Clean off soap and hair with a dish scrubbing brush in a basin of hot water. Remove mineral buildup with white vinegar and a wire brush. Lubricate moving parts of the linkage and rocker arm mechanism with heatproof grease.
Adjust the pop-up stopper mechanism by first loosening the locknut on the lift rod. If the stopper doesn’t close all the way, shorten the linkage by screwing the rod 18” farther into the linkageadjusting bracket. If the stopper doesn’t open wide enough, extend the linkage by unscrewing the rod18“. Tighten the locknut before replacing the
mechanism and testing your adjustment.

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